Dr. Jehoshaphat K. Jones serves as a member of The EEG Foundation's Board of Directors and Research Director at the Applied Research Institute (the research division of EEG Family and Early Learner Foundation [nonprofit corporation]). Dr. Jones is pivotal in guiding the organization's research agenda and upholding the highest standards of quality and impact. His primary duties include strategic planning and vision setting, where he is tasked with developing and articulating a clear vision for ARI's research priorities, focusing on educational equity, community violence, and issues pertinent to the African American community.

Dr. Jones is also responsible for the leadership and management of a diverse team of researchers. This involves not only hiring, training, and mentoring staff but also cultivating a collaborative and inclusive work environment that promotes innovation and excellence. He oversees the design and methodology of ARI's research projects, ensuring that they are robust, ethical, and in alignment with the institute's objectives. A key aspect of his role includes securing funding for research projects through grant writing, networking with potential funders, and effective resource allocation.

Engagement and collaboration with stakeholders form a crucial part of his responsibilities. Dr. Jones actively works with community leaders, policymakers, academic institutions, and other research organizations to foster partnerships that are vital for implementing research findings and enhancing ARI's impact. He also manages the publication and dissemination of research findings, ensuring they reach a broad audience including the public, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

In terms of maintaining quality and ethical standards, Dr. Jones ensures all research activities comply with ethical standards and regulations, upholding high standards of data integrity and confidentiality. He is also involved in evaluating the impact of ARI's research initiatives and reporting these outcomes to the board of directors, funders, and other stakeholders, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative measures. He remains updated with the latest research trends, methodologies, and technologies, and encourages ARI's professional growth. Additionally, as a spokesperson for ARI, he represents the institute in public forums, conferences, and media appearances, advocating for policies and practices informed by ARI's research.

Overall, Dr. Jones is instrumental in shaping ARI's research trajectory, ensuring the production of high-quality, impactful research, and leading his team toward fulfilling the institute's mission.

Your Donations Matter

Supporting the Applied Research Institute (ARI) is more than just a donation; it's an investment in practical and transformative solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing our society today, including educational equity, community violence, and challenges specific to the African American community. ARI distinguishes itself by not just identifying problems, but by actively developing practical solutions. The institute's research teams delve deep into the complexities of educational disparities, uncovering the systemic barriers that prevent equitable access to quality education. By funding this research, donors enable the creation and implementation of effective, evidence-based strategies that can bridge these gaps, ensuring that all students, regardless of their socio-economic background, receive the education they deserve.

In addressing community violence, ARI's approach is equally hands-on. The research conducted by ARI doesn't just stay in academic journals; it translates into real-world applications. Our research teams work tirelessly to understand the multifaceted nature of violence in communities, taking into account factors including economic inequality, social dynamics, and mental health. Our comprehensive research and insights allow for the development of targeted interventions that can significantly reduce violence and enhance community safety.

Furthermore, ARI’s action research in the African American community is a testament to its commitment to collaborative problem-solving. By working directly with community members, ARI's research teams co-create solutions that are culturally sensitive, sustainable, and most importantly, effective. Donations to ARI fuel these efforts, providing the necessary resources to transform research into reality and making a tangible difference in the lives of many.