Applied Research Institute - Research Initiatives

The Applied Research Institute encompasses a multifaceted research approach, focusing on various key areas. In Evaluation Research, the institute's teams analyze existing community data to produce objective findings, particularly in establishing safe opportunity zones in underserved communities. The Research and Development sector emphasizes the creation and design of new products and services, informed by school climate surveys and the EEG Family Engagement Score, catering to the needs of families, early learners, and both private and public school systems. Furthermore, through Action Research, the institute applies a hands-on methodology, using action research to offer practical solutions to specific problems, such as those addressed in the African American Solutions, EEG Academic Action Plans, and EEG Family Engagement Plans.

Explore and understand the impacts and effects of equity in education on families, early learners PreK through Grade 3, and school-communities.
Explore the fathers' role in keeping families, homes, and neighborhoods safe. We deliver new perspectives and mechanisms to reduce violence.
Explore how our research offers insights into issues in underserved communities and challenges faced by systemic racism in the United States.